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Metaverse-ready music

recording, mixing and post-production

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Dolby Atmos


Attain audio excellence in the virtual space with our professional music mixing and mastering, optimized specifically for platforms supporting Dolby Atmos, such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music. You will experience unparalleled sound quality that will enrich your headphones and immerse you in a new dimension of musical experience.

Additionally, we not only offer excellent recordings with spatial sound but also the realization of special projects, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We create not just sound but real musical worlds that will take you on fantastic sonic journeys.

By collaborating with us, you can be sure that your ideas will become reality, and our values, including creativity, innovation, the highest quality, attention to detail, and care for relationships, will form the foundation of our collaboration. With us, every note will take on new meaning, and each sound experience will become unique and unforgettable.

Post-production studio

What we do

From 3D audio recording, to sound design and post-production:



Ambisonics for 360 films,
and VR applications
(e.g. for Oculus)


Sound design, editing, music production

Multi-dimensional sounds, sharp editing, carefully matched, unique music.



Apple Music logo
Tidal logo

Mixing, mastering
Dolby Atmos for Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music.




Wojtek Blachowiak

Wojtek Blachowiak

In Audio founder, sound engineer, and creator. Avid Dolby Atmos certified engineer.
Lecturer at the School of Modern Music in Wroclaw, Poland.
Before launching Xin Audio he represented companies including Ableton, iZotope, and Zylia
in Poland.
He worked with renowned artists such as Rosalie, Oly, Shumba Maasai, and Weezdob Collective.
IDA DJ 2011 World Vice-Champion.

Tomasz Ciotucha

Tomasz Ciotucha

Spatial sound engineer, a multimedia artist with an audio-focused mindset, and profound Max/MSP user.
He taught 3D Audio at the School of Modern Music.
For over two years, he has been the sound engineer at Zylia, where he has helped develop immersive 6DoF audio and has worked with Jordan Rudess.
He regularly collaborates with Aula Artis concert hall and Schron club. 

Maksymilian Niemczyk

Maksymilian Niemczyk

Producer, beat-maker, and mixer with a great passion for detail
and high-quality sound.
In mixing, he does not limit himself to genres.
He has collaborated with artists such as Allie, Arthur Samuel, DAW!D, Liwia, and MOLEND.
He produces mainly hip-hop, R&B, EDM, and downtempo.

  • What files are normally delivered after the service is performed?
    As standard, we deliver a mixed and mastered track in stereo (wav. 24 bit, 48K) and ADM BWF file (Dolby Atmos format). Stems after the mix/master can also be delivered on request (service payable additionally).
  • How long does order fulfillment take?
    The production of one piece usually takes 2-3 days + additional time for possible corrections.
  • How many changes are included in the price?
    As standard, 3 rounds of revisions are included in the price. We want our customers to be satisfied with the results we provide, therefore, if further corrections are needed, we can additionally apply them at an hourly rate.
  • Is it possible to up-mix only to the Dolby Atmos format?
    Such a service is possible, but in practice it is better when the same company/engineer does the mix, both stereo and Atmos. Better results are obtained when the mix is done in Atmos first, then stereo (not vice versa).
  • Do you master tracks?
    One of our services is also the mastering of stereo tracks. In the case of Dolby Atmos, there is no need for additional mastering of tracks.
  • What is Dolby Atmos?
    Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that was developed and introduced by Dolby Laboratories in 2012. It was first used in cinemas and then expanded to other devices such as TVs, sound bars and computer games. Dolby Atmos allows for the inclusion of additional sound dimensions, such as height, so that listeners can experience a more realistic and spatial sound. Currently, Dolby Atmos is one of the most popular surround sound formats in the world.
  • What advantage does Dolby Atmos have over stereo and do I need it?
    The Dolby Atmos system is considered more advanced than the stereo system because it offers a more realistic and three-dimensional sound experience. Unlike a two-channel stereo system, Dolby Atmos allows you to isolate sounds from different sources in a space, giving the impression that the sounds are coming from specific places in the room. The sounds perceived by the listener give the impression of being around him, as well as above and below him. In the case of classic stereo, we had the impression of the soundstage being only in front of the listener. Dolby Atmos technology allows surround sound to be recorded and played back on additional audio channels such as top front, top rear and sides, allowing for more precise positioning.
  • How to upload Atmos files to streaming platforms, who takes care of it?
    To upload an Atmos file to streaming platforms, you must first ensure that the platform supports the Atmos format. Then upload the file in the Atmos format to the service and configure it in the audio options by selecting the Atmos format. It is recommended to consult the platform documentation or technical support to ensure that the file will be correctly uploaded and played.
  • What music streaming services currently support Dolby Atmos?
    At the moment (as of February 2023), Atmos music is available on the following platforms: Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music.
  • What devices play Dolby Atmos?
    Dolby Atmos audio is played on a wide variety of devices, including: * Home theaters and soundbars with Dolby Atmos support * TVs with Dolby Atmos support * Computer games on consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 * Mobile devices such as Android or iOS smartphones and tablets that support Dolby Atmos via headphones * Windows or Mac computers that have built-in or add-on sound cards that support Dolby Atmos. To enjoy Dolby Atmos, it is necessary to have the appropriate audio equipment and Dolby Atmos content.
  • What is head tracking?
    Head-tracking is a technology that tracks the movements of the user's head and adjusts the sound accordingly to their position. In practice, this means that the sound seems to come from a specific place in space, and its intensity and position change depending on the position of the listener's head. Head-tracking is often used in VR (virtual reality) headsets or computer games to provide a more immersive audio experience. Combined with Dolby Atmos, head-tracking allows for an even more realistic and spatial sound experience.


Immerse yourself in the art of sound at In Audio Studio in Poznan.


Our 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos monitoring system with Merging DA converters, and Universal Audio pre-amps, along with industry-standard plugins and Pro Tools/Ableton Live, provide the perfect tools for your audio post-production needs.


Fine-tune your mixes with the help of an experienced audio engineer in our immersive listening environment.


Contact us today to book your session.

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